We are currently swimming in a sea of queer film & TV. Just this past year, we have seen LGBTQ characters at the center of runaway hits (Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot), critically-acclaimed awards darlings (Angels in AmericaCall Me By Your Name), and even big-budget studio films (Love, Simon). Queerness has become mainstream. But despite this wealth of gay programming, there are very few queer stories on television quite like BBC's Killing EveKilling Eve reflects a more ambiguous and undefined queerness very rarely shown on screen—a queer sensibility rather than a distinct queer identity. The show does not shy away from its characters’ sexual attraction but also complicates this narrative at every turn. It forces us to ask: why do we demand our queer stories be so cut and dry? And whose stories do we risk leaving behind in the process?

Article written for the queer publication July 2018.