other audio experience


conversations on health care

Assisted producer of the syndicated program "Conversations on Health Care" in WESU 88.1FM's studios in Middletown, CT from January 2017 - May 2017. I did research for the Bright Ideas segment and general health care news, conducted outreach for potential guests, and edited audio using Adobe Audition. See examples of episodes I worked on below.


CHC Radio is produced and edited weekly by Marianne O'Hare.


wesu 88.1FM

I was a board member and DJ of the community radio station WESU 88.1FM from 2014-2017, serving as Vice President during the 2016-2017 season. As a board member, I led and managed the day-to-day functioning of the station and its staff of over 120 people. I assembled and approved the yearly budget and helped organize biannual fundraising strategies. I also wrote, produced, and edited audio using Adobe Audition, Hindenburg, and Reaper at WESU, including promos for the station's pledge drive and other station programs, as well as my own radio programs and an independent project on higher ed medical leave policy. See examples of my audio work below.


WESU is located at 45 Broad Street, 2nd Floor in Middletown, CT.


nonprofit public service announcements

I have written, produced, and edited PSAs for nonprofits, including Wesleyan's Center for Prison Education (CPE) and the Congo Leadership Initiative (CLI), to help promote and spread the organizations' messages. See examples of this work below. Learn more about CPE here and CLI here.