An interview with director marshall curry

I wrote an interview with Academy-Award nominated documentary filmmaker Marshall Curry for the educational nonprofit REACT to FILM. We discussed his cinematic voice, how to tell complex and controversial stories, and what he wants people to take away from his films. His credits include If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front (2011), Street Fight (2005), Point and Shoot (2014), and an animated short for We the Economy (2014). Marshall Curry is a member of the REACT to FILM Film Advisory Board.

Excerpt: For Curry, keeping the story interesting is not a matter of making a film balanced. "I wasn't trying to make something that was balanced [in making If A Tree Falls]. I was trying to make something that was complex--something that recognized true complexity. And I think there's a difference between that and balance. Balance to me is what you see when you watch lazy news anchors that just say, 'He said this, she said this, now you decide.'" Curry's films do not hide his point of view or bias; as a filmmaker, he says his bias is inherently present in the decisions he makes about who to interview, what to highlight, how to edit, what music to use, and more.