Hi! My name is Ben Goldberg and I'm a producer, writer, and editor for both video and audio. Based in New York City but born and raised in Buffalo. I currently am an Associate Producer for the three-time Oscar-nominated filmmaker Marshall Curry.

When I was young, I became absorbed by television, radio, and documentaries and have been inspired and driven by managing creative work ever since. I am an avid storyteller who is passionate about social justice, new media, and the Monster Mash.

Here are a few other things I’m working on now…


I love building stories from start to finish. From workshopping script drafts to juggling logistics, I immerse myself in a range of video and audio projects every step of the way.

A small sampling of the projects I’ve worked on: short films, narrative podcasts, audio PSAs for nonprofits, a nationally syndicated radio news program, and sound engineering for live events.



I have worked in various stages of the post production process, merging my storytelling focus with technical know-how. I love to sink my teeth into the creative editing process - using Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, and Hindenburg - on documentary projects, promotional videos, and narrative podcasts, among others.

Having worked at the post-production facility for FilmNation, I also have a thorough understanding of the broader film post production and delivery process, from color correcting and DCP creation to delivery schedules and theatrical/home entertainment release.


Writing about storytelling is one of my passions. Most of the time it’s about television. In the past, I’ve written about the queer center of Killing Eve and motherhood in the genre-bending Showtime dramedies Weeds, United States of Tara, and Shameless.

I have also taught writing: for elementary school kids, college classes, and incarcerated students.